The year was 1955 when Wally Hampel opened his first Ben Franklin Crafts store in St. Louis, Missouri.  33 years later Wally and his wife Ann opened their 11th store in Eureka, Missouri.  Since 1988 their son, Tom Hampel, and his wife Mary continue to hold the key to your creativity by offering a variety of items and services that open endless possibilities.

We operate our family business in Eureka not only as a buyer but as a consumer as well.  Our personalized service and the quality of our products generate trust and enthusiasm which gives us a loyal clientele in return.  We love to help you piece together a project…from finding the right shade of paint to brush on your canvas, designing the perfect pattern to string your bracelet or searching for the frame to turn your artwork into a work of art!

While our vast selection of retro candy still brings a flavor of nostalgia; we are constantly evolving to bring you curiously creative crafts.  We are also keyed up about our recent addition…Ben’s Boutique…your key to be unique…featuring an eclectic collection of simple sizing clothing and accessories.

Visit us at 101 Hilltop Village Center Drive in Eureka, Missouri.

We are here to spark your imagination and capture your creativity!

Mary & Tom Hampel