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Shop games, puzzles, & toys at Ben Franklin Crafts – board games, dice, puzzles, travel games, toys and more! Feel like playing a game? Yay, so do we! You pick. Not sure what you’re in the mood for? Ben Franklin Crafts has oodles to choose from, from classic board games and cards, to puzzles and toys.

How about one of the classic board games like Scrabble? We even have these games in their original look to help bring back all those childhood memories. Or, if you’re not in a spelling mood, maybe you’d like to test your economic strategy with Life. Or Monopoly? We’re up for a round of Monolpoly—but we get to be the dog.

Don’t feel like using all that brainpower? Maybe you’d rather play something a little lighter, like Candy Land, or more fast-paced like dice games or cards? We also have Apples to Apples, Uno, Scattegories and more!

Some games you can play alone, but if you’re wanting to play games with a group, that requires party games! And while you have your friends’ attention, why not show off your hocus pocus skills with one of our magic sets?

But maybe you’re not feeling that social after all, and you wouldn’t mind some quiet alone time. For that, we recommend one of our puzzles. You’ll love ’em to pieces.